Enema therapy has an important place among the five elimination therapies. As emetic therapy is for ridding the system of vitiated water in the body that has mainly accumulated in the gastric region via the mouth and vitiated fire in the small intestine is expelled by purgation, similarly, accumulated vitiated air is expelled by enema. Basti includes elimination via anal or urinary expulsion.

Enema is safe for children and elders, obese or lean persons. It is useful for rejuvenation and for treating sterility.

The process and procedure of enemas as prescribed in the ancient ayurvedic medical texts are as follows:

1.  Apply oil to the anal region and to the rectal tube.

2.  Allow air to be expelled from the tube before insertion.

3.  Insert rectal tube gently.

4.  Retain residual liquid in enema bag to ensure no air bubbles enter the bowels.

5.  Lift legs three times to ensure an upward spread of fluid.

6.  Allow patient to rest after evacuation.

7.  Give patient a small amount of easily digestible rice with butter.

An unctuous enema is composed of fats, vegetable or animal. Oils may be obtained from sesame, which is the most important kind of oil according to Ayurvedic medicine.

Drugs used for Ayurvedic Enima Therapy are:

  • Yastimadhu – Glacyrrhiza glabra linn (climbing lily).
  • Kharjura – Acacia catechu wild (catechu).
  • Seeds of Puskara – Nelubmo nucifera gaertn (logus).
  • Bacha – Acorus calamus linn (sweet flag).
  • Khokali – Acalypha indica linn (Indian Acaypha ).