The process elimination of dosha (excret as and vitiated air, fire, and water) from the anus is known as purgative or laxative therapy and should be administered after oleation and fomentation therapies. While emetic therapy is anti-peristalsis, purgative therapy helps peristalsis. Again, water-dominant diseases are amenable to emesis, but fire-dominant diseases require purgation.

The following disorders are amenable to purgative therapy:

chronic fever; bleeding from the ear, nose, or throat; ascitis, fistula, piles, helminthiasis (parasites), skin diseases, and some genito-urinary tract disorders.

The following conditions are contraindicated for purgation:

acute fever, diarrhea, weak digestion, alcoholism, chronic constipation, tuberculosis, general debility, pregnancy and malnutrition.

Drugs for purgation therapy are:

  • Danti – Balio spermum (axillare Blume)
  • Saptala – Acacia concinna (shikakai).
  • Aswagandha – Withania somnifara (winter cherry).
  • Sidhu – fermented liquor from a mixture of thickened can juice and dark brown crude sugar.
  • Sura – fermented liquor from barley.
  • Haritaki – Terminalia chibula (chebulic myrobalan).
  • Udasvit – a mixture of water and buttermilk in equal quantity used as a laxative